What should I wear? 

There is no dress code for this event. The wedding party will be dressed more formally for the ceremony but changing into jeans afterwards.  You are welcome to wear your concert clothes to the ceremony or change outfits like us.  Either way, bring layers - this is an outdoor concert on an October evening (check the weather forecast, but we expect a high around 70 degrees and dipping down to the 50s after sunset). 

Ultimately, we want you to wear something you feel good and ready to dance in! 


Your presense is a gift! We are not registered anywhere and do not expect wedding gifts. 

What do I bring/not bring

Things to do in the Grand Valley

PALISADE: a small town that is known for the best wine and peaches in Colorado. Unfortunately the Fruit season will be over in October but its a great place to explore. 

GRAND JUNCTION: the trailer park of the Wester Slope...and the place we call home. If you want to explore outside of Palisade, here are some ideas for where to go and what to do.