About Us

An immediate friendship, an undescribable connection, and a ride-or-die platonic love emerged soon after we met in June of 2017 at "Weavers" the local Public Defender Bar. We have fought together for equality, humanity, and justice as public defenders from that day forward. It was a fast friendship that neithor of us though of as anything more. We would hang out at work and talk about cases, we would go out with groups of people and party together, we would laugh and then go home to our own lives. When we needed each other for work difficulties, relationship struggles, yard equipment, or personal tragedies we always had each other's back.  We trusted each other with our secrets, we loved each other as people, we even fought like a married couple, but it was not until 2021 that we saw that we could have more in our relationship. After we had a night out in downtown Grand Junction in August 2021 we both tested positive for COVID-19 (thankfully with very mild symptoms). We spent almost every day of that 14 day quarantine  making dinner for each other, playing board games, and drinking our favorite drinks. It was an unexpectedly enjoyable time for both of us and in the following months we both began to contemplate what it would be like if we took our relationship further. We risked our friendship to begin a romantic relationship and knew that it would eithor fail miserably or bring us to the heights of our lives. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months our lives merged into a singular world and we both discovered what true love can be. We are getting married to celebrate our love and committment to each other and want all of our frinds and family that can make it to be there with us as we say our vowes, play music, dance, and festivate.